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Please kindly be informed that you must come to the campus on time on the first day of your course for the orientation.
The orientation will be commenced on enrolment day at 09:00 am.

Time: Morning 09:00 am

Orientation Program

All students must attend the Orientation Program before attending any of their classes. It is held on your first day (stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)) at WCE, or on a different day if you arrive late. On orientation day, you will have an English placement test to find out your English level and which class you will attend. We will answer all your questions and you will get important information about:

  • studying and living in Australia including social and cultural customs
  • general safety information for when you are at college and in Australia, including beach safety
  • student expectations, college rules, facilities, resources and premises including a campus tour
  • critical incident and emergency evacuation procedures/emergency meeting point
  • class timetables and study assistance/ academic intervention (Extra Class)
  • course attendance and progress requirements
  • visa requirements
  • College Policies and Procedures including Refund
  • complaints and appeals processes
  • Student Handbook
  • student support services including accommodation, welfare, emergency/health services, and legal including workplace rights and conditions
  • accommodation, support and welfare arrangements for students under 18 years of age

Students who are unable to attend their Orientation Program must contact the college. You will be informed of the date of your Orientation Program.

We take your photo at orientation, and you can pick up your ID card from Reception a week later. You cannot use your ID card for discounts on public transport fares because international students must pay the full fare. ID cards can be used as proof of identity and you must carry your ID card at all times while at WCE for security reasons.

Orientation Pack Download Here

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For any inquiries please email