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Life in Sydney


Welcome to Sydney! To help you start your new life in Australia with confidence, please read the useful information below and visit and Or please come and talk to us!

Living expenses can include accommodation, transportation, food, clothes, books and entertainment. As of October 2019, the Australian government advised the 12-month living costs for students or guardians are AUD$21,041 per person (excluding tuition fees). However, the actual cost depends on your individual lifestyle and you should budget for approximately AUD$25,900 per year per adult. This figure does not include large items such as a refrigerator or a car.

The costs below are in Australian dollars, are an approximate guide only and don’t consider your budget and spending habits.

Single and shared accommodation

$120 to $380 per week

Homestay per week

$235 to $325 per week

Groceries and eating out

$140 to $280 per week

Gas, electricity

$10 to $20 per week

Phone and Internet

$15 to $30 per week

Public transport

$30 to $60 per week


$80 to $150 per week

Regular take away coffee

$3 to $5

Take away lunch

$8 to $15


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