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International Secondary School Bridging Program

The International Secondary School Bridging Program will cater for students from a non-English speaking background who require practical Business English skills for international business situations/employment.

Length: 4 to 24 weeks
Proficiency: Upper Intermediate
Course Pre-Requisite: Intermediate level English language proficiency






The Business English Course covers the business skills necessary to cope in an international business situation. The Business English Course provides students with the opportunity to develop their practical business communication skills, both oral and written. The course is appropriate for people with some experience of management, including marketing, finance, general office administration or those with little experience who wish to make a career in these areas.

Strategies used to determine if course is meeting student needs:
– Mid-Term course evaluation.
– End of course testing.
– Staff discussion, monthly staff meeting item.

Achievement of course aims as detailed under the skills:
– Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking

Content and Materials:
Theme/situation based course designed to develop the student’s practical Business English communication skills.

Main content areas:
– Vocabulary – Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking
(Please refer to course curriculum)

SACE teachers act as course facilitators. Teachers aim to build effective working relationships with students, develop a good classroom atmosphere, as well as teach and negotiate language learning with the students.

Strategies To Make Most Of Learners Characteristics:

–  Teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of strategies to take advantage of the mix of nationalities, interests and academic backgrounds. These would include:

  • Group discussions
  • Group problem solving activities
  • Pair work
  • Student interviews/questions
  • Group writing and reading activities
  • Role play and student dialogues

Strategies Used To Address Students’ Different Learning Styles:
– Mix of text based and authentic materials
– Mix of individual and group/pair based activities
– Student course evaluation

Use Of Australian Speaking Environment:

– Use of authentic Australian materials
– Incorporation of guest speakers, class excursions and work/business observations




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